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We the Marines and Corpsmen of Delta Company 1st Battalion 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division FMF-PAC Vietnam 1965 to 1970, exist for the expressed purpose of perpetuating the legacy of this combat unit’s accomplishments in the Vietnam War and facilitate the healing, fellowship, and education of all our fallen and surviving Delta 1/7 Vietnam Marine brothers and their families.

Our mission is an expression of our Marine motto-Semper Fidelis.

Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem

Ronald Regan


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Burial at Sea

2017-03-04 10:21:02 padgetti

War is a sad thing. We’ve always spoke about how, at the end of the day, it forms a life long bond with those Marines we served with. This has always been and will always be. This Burial at Sea says it all.

Burial at sea video …

Here’s a rather sad sea burial –  a somber and reflective video of 1 1/2 mins.
Loyce Edward Deen, an Aviation Machinist Mate 2nd Class, USNR, was a gunner on a TBM Avenger. On November 5, 1944, Deen’s squadron participated in a raid on Manila where his plane was hit multiple times by anti-aircraft fire while attacking a Japanese cruiser. Deen was killed. The Avenger’s pilot, Lt Robert Cosgrove, managed to return to his carrier, the USS Essex. Both Deen and the plane had been shot up so badly that it was decided to leave him in it. It is the only time in U.S. Navy history (and probably U.S. military history) that an aviator was buried in his aircraft after being killed in action.


Semper FI

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Pending Board Changes

2017-02-28 10:29:38 padgetti


To: Delta 1/7 Vietnam Marines

From: The current board

Subject: New elections

It goes without saying, that for those of us who have been on the board of Delta 1/7 Vietnam Marines Inc, it has been an honor to once again have served with our brothers who we fought alongside of in Vietnam. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished over the last 4-5 year’s, in bringing us together, providing help to our members in any way we could, fostering a bond that will last a life time and fulfilling our greatest promise, to never forget those who gave their life for our country and their fellow Marines.

But, for many of us it’s taken a toll. To be successful, an organization needs to have board members who are willing to meet the demands of time and energy. Over the last many years, we have tried to encourage members to step up, to participate in helping move us forward and bring fresh ideas to continue to evolve. Unfortunately, for the most part, we have not been successful.

This year there will be five board positions opened, Tim Padgett (President & Treasurer and Web master), Pat Hanley (Secretary and roster keeper), and Steve Fairley (Communications Officer), who will be stepping aside. Additionally, our Merchandise Consultant, George Bohlander, will be stepping aside as well, leaving a Supply Officer position open.

As always, we will encourage members to nominate themselves to be on the ballot. Nomination forms will be sent out in May and must be returned to the Secretary by the end of June 2017. The election ballots will be sent to all members on July 1st and must be returned by September 14th (unless you attend the reunion, where you can cast your vote). Based on the election votes, the new board will be announced at the reunion and at the October board meeting, the officers will be selected.

For those of us who are stepping aside, it’s a bitter sweet moment, not dissimilar to how we all felt when we left Vietnam and the Marines who had become to be our brothers. It was a sense of abandonment.

We believe it’s time for new leadership and new visions. But whether we survive as an organization, is in the hands of you our members. Without the President, Treasurer, and Secretary position being filled, Florida law requires us to dissolve the organization. According to our Articles and Bylaws, it will be necessary to distribute the assets (cash and merchandise) to another Marine Corps nonprofit company and any tax-exempt status we now have will be removed by the IRS.

So, please take some time to consider how you can help keep this great organization, Delta 1/7 Vietnam Marines Inc, alive, to continue fulfilling mission.

If you have any questions you can contact us by email at delta17marines@gmail.com or through the “About Us” page on our website.


Your Board of Representatives,

Semper Fi



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2017 Reunion

2017-02-20 11:05:48 padgetti




The board has selected the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington VA as this year’s reunion. Were excited about returning to the Sheraton which was where we held the 2014 reunion. The selection process starts with a vote at each year’s reunion of the top three locations. Then we do a financial analysis to determine the cost, the hotel rating and the areas of interest. The Sheraton offered the biggest bang for the buck and the area has an abundance of sights to see.

  •  Room rates of only $129 a night + tax
  •  Free breakfast
  •  Tour of the Marine Corps National Museum
  •  Parking for only $5 a day
  •  Free pizza party
  •  Free shuttle from the airport
  •  Rates are good from 3 days prior to the reunion and 3 days after, for those who want to extend their time for vacation.


For Those Who Register for The Reunion Early.

This year we will extend the early registration drawing deadline to July 15th and we’ve added even more chances to get a free room; so, if you get registered by July 15th, you could win one of the following prizes.  

  • 3 Marines will win 4-days and 3-night’s stay.
  • 3 Marines will win upgrades to the D.C Club level at the group rate. Access to the club lounge which is located on the 14th The guests will have the benefits of complimentary breakfast buffet at the lounge, snacks all day, and some chef’s choice appetizers and wine after 5:00 pm.”
  • 3 Marines will win a fruit and cheese plate.
  • And, everyone who registers by July 15th will get a free raffle ticket with a chance to win a TV.

Any Delta 1/7 Marine or Corpsman needing help to attend our 2017 reunion (excluding travel) should contact Art Gomez – 832-492-1262, Jake Priode – 757-465-3451 or Poke Stiers – 970-618-5461 by June 20, 2017.

So, get your reservations in early. We’re looking forward to seeing you at this year’s reunion on September 21st to September 24th.

Semper FI

Timothy Padgett





We are looking forward  to seeing all of you at the reunion.





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Delta Company 1st Bn. 7th Marines was a combat unit that served with the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War from  1965 to 1970. Although we had our own theater of operations,  we were also utilized as a reactionary force for the 1st Battalion 7th Marines 1st Marine Division. On August 14th, 1965 Delta Company landed in Vietnam.